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J. Rick Castañeda is an award-winning writer/director of fictional content.

Feature films, web series, shorts, promos, and commercials. And stuff.

This reel showcases pieces of the following projects:

Cement Suitcase // Original // Comedy-Drama Feature Film

Missed the Boat // Modest Mouse // Music Video

Bear Story // Original // Comedy Short Film

Imagine Dragons at Worlds // Riot Games // Branded Short Doc

Power-Up with Olga Kay // Disney // Branded Webisode

Next Week’s Game // USC // PSA Short Film

SimCoach // Institute for Creative Technology // Explainer Video

Things I Don’t Understand // MSN // Comedy Web Series Pilot

The Golden Egg // Original // Comedy Short Film

Intro to Slacker // Slacker // Promo Video

Coma, Period. // Original // Comedy Web Series

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